Kawartha Settlers’ Village – Cooking in the Olden Days

A couple of weeks ago, our family stayed at a cottage for a week in the Kawartha’s area. You’d think it would be a pretty relaxing and low-key trip. However, with three young children and meals to plan and prepare for the whole week, it was a semi-relaxed vacation 😉 Luckily, we went with another family so the duties were shared. I love cooking but am not too crazy about cleaning. My friends didn’t care for cooking and didn’t mind cleaning so it was a good match.

One of the things we did besides playing at the beach, swimming, and fishing, was going to Kawartha Settlers’ Village. To me, that was the highlight of our trip. It was great exploring the village because we got an up close and personal look at how the settlers lived. Some of the buildings were already there, some were brought in from other areas, and some were built on premise. What I found most interesting was, you guessed it, the kitchen. It’s not how you would picture a modern kitchen to be. It’s basically a big room on the ground floor with the stove in the middle. The cooking area is on one side and the sitting area on the other. The stove is situated in a practical place where you are able to cook and warm up the house at the same time.

Kawartha Settler's Village Entrance Sign

Kawartha Settlers’ Village Entrance Sign

I’ve always been fascinated at how people cook from the olden times. I remember visiting my father’s ancestral village and my great aunt showed me the stone stove that my grandmother built for cooking. I was enthralled that she was able to cook with such a basic stove. Now with our fancy kitchens and special equipment for our cooking needs, we are totally spoiled!

Settlers' Stoves

Fancy Stove (left) | Not-so-fancy Stove (right)

After visiting settler’s village, my husband and I couldn’t stop talking about it. I said to him, I wanted to go back without the kids and really spend extra time to learn and explore on how the settlers lived. I really had an amazing time and couldn’t believe how entertaining it was to visit there. Oh yeah, I think the kids had lots of fun too!

Butter Worker and Cream Separator

Butter Worker (left) | Cream Separator (right)

Cheese Press and Cheese Box

Cheese Press (left) | Cheese Box (right)

Giant Frying Pan

Giant Frying Pan

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